Sunday, 12 October 2008

alice mccall

The first few pieces of Alice McCall new collection arrived in Topshop this Friday. Its 80’s inspired with strong lines and geometric prints. I must admit with the pieces of the collection that are on sale now I’m slightly disappointed with, her first range was the fastest selling line in Topshop to date, so I guess it hasn’t lived up to my expectation.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


At the moment, I would say my style is quite hard to explain. I’ve just bought a plain white polo shirt in h&m and I intend on wearing it with a cardigan, jeans and some long necklaces, as I tell my friend this she suddenly starts telling me how preppy I’ve become. I personally wouldn’t call my style preppy, I tend to wear a little of everything, I’ll normally wear block colours or floral patens, I prefer wearing dresses and skirts to jeans, and everything is thrown over with a cardigan or oversized jumper, maybe I have become a little preppy, although I hope I’ll never just look like one of the crowd.

I still need an artist to research, I’ve put some of my work on here to show you the direction I would like my project to go in.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

3 weeks

I’ve got 3 weeks of school now. Firstly I’ve got work experience, I’m working for 20th century fox, in their London office in the special affects department should be rather exciting. Then I’ve got a week’s half term. Thank you for all the lovely comments and yes Ireland was amazing, and I got 4th aging, I can’t really complain it was a brilliant result but I would have loved to make the top 3.
Oh yher if you know a good artist that does portraits, let me know, thanks.

And who do you lot want to win teen girl snapshot, they all look fabulous, but theses five really stood out to me.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Just a quick update, sorry. I’ve just got back from dancing and I’ve got to pack for Ireland, sorry but I won’t be updating over the weekend as i’ll be there.
Just to leave you with theses few magazine pages from h&m, hope you like.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Gosh I love myspace, and while browsing it tonight I realised i have some amazing dressed gorgeous girls in my friend list. I have to say these three really stood out to me, with their impeccable taste.
Order of photos, Emily, Katie and lastly Kitty.

Monday, 29 September 2008

monday mornings

Got made cross country captain today that was rather cool, it’s the first year there’s ever been a captain, so I am in fact mayflowers first ever captain. I have to be studding the most depressing play ever, in English. The play is called ‘who’s life is it’ and its basically all about this man who’s been paralysed from the neck down and wants to have euthanasia, what a bundle of laughs it is.

I was totally bored yesterday, and as you do I went on polyvore, and OMG how gorgeous are theses shorts I’m completely in love with them, so I built up a whole outfit around them. I feel the looks that geek shic I completely adore.

Sunday, 28 September 2008


This time next week i'll be dancing in Ireland, i'm so excited, i'm staying at a B&B with a load of my friends from dancing.
Yesterday I did a compatition 'feis' for the first time since July, it was the first time wearing my new dress and dancing my new steps, all my friends where watcing me and so was my teacher so I knew I couldn't go wrong. Luckly I had an brilliant result I came 4th out 14 in my championship.