Sunday, 28 September 2008


This time next week i'll be dancing in Ireland, i'm so excited, i'm staying at a B&B with a load of my friends from dancing.
Yesterday I did a compatition 'feis' for the first time since July, it was the first time wearing my new dress and dancing my new steps, all my friends where watcing me and so was my teacher so I knew I couldn't go wrong. Luckly I had an brilliant result I came 4th out 14 in my championship.


Demi said...

thanks for commenting on my blog (:
oh yeah...i like it sometimes. I couldn't wear too much of it though as its all people wear where i live!
good luck with your dancing =D
do you mind if link you please?

yello said...

wanna trade links? :P
good luck with dancing & i love lovel ove your blog header...
is taht what they call it?
i've been trying to get one for soo long but i haven't quite firgured out how.. :P

Ayesha said...

wow! good work! those dresses are stunning! My friend does a lot of Irish dancing, but shes never had a dress like that. I remmeber her custom order dress cost a bomb however! good luck!

Sunniva said...

Congratulations on 4th place, dear! You look great in your dress. Good luck with this next competition!

Susanna-Cole said...

Congrats on coming in 4th! :) Are you one of the girls in the picture you posted? If so, which one are you? (Sorry if it's obvious and I'm just not cluing in haha). Love the costumes in the pictures! :)

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, by the way! :)


Blair said...

I have always wanted to try irish dancing! So cool.